Scholastic Ability…Since each sorority wishes to maintain a high chapter grade point average; the sorority must consider a potential member’s ability to adhere to its scholastic standards and to attain the grade point average required for initiation into membership.   It is hoped each woman pledged will place importance upon the completion of her education.   Most sororities require that a potential member have at least a B average.

Compatibility… Sororities are based upon friendship, congeniality and mutual ideals.   The ability to get along with others and the enjoyment of being with people of diverse backgrounds are desirable qualities.

Interest in Involvement… Those who are group oriented and who enjoy working with people are more likely to contribute to sorority operation and to benefit from membership.   The potential member’s list of activities in high school need not be long.   However, there must be indication that she has truly participated in a few…rather than merely being a “joiner” in many activities.

Financial Responsibility… Sororities are financed by the dues of their own members.   Potential members and their parents should be aware of the cost of sorority membership and be willing to accept the financial obligation.

Our sororities, members of National Panhellenic Conference, are private social organizations whose collegiate members have the right to invite into membership the girls they deem to be most congenial.   The privilege of choice is mutual.  Although a sorority has a right to choose whom it will invite to pledge, the potential member also has the right to choose which sorority she wishes to join.

Do not make up your mind about joining any sorority until you have met its active college members.   Remember, you are not joining a “name.”   You are choosing a closely knit group in which you expect to make lasting friendships in college and alumnae life.   Also, remember that individual sororities differ from campus to campus.

When your final decision is being made in your preferential signing at the end of recruitment, you, the potential member are urged to list more than one group, in preferential order, when indicating the sororities which you are interested in joining.